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Consultation with our Revenue Team will guarantee the best rates for your rooms, every day.

It is time for entrepreneurs to choose to be chosen. Take the first step towards your future today to guarantee that your business will develop, your territory will become better known and your clients will enjoy the authentic experience that they deserve.

Revenue Team is the Franco Grasso brand that has been working for 20 years to increase the revenue of your accommodation facility or facilities. We identify the best rates for your rooms every day, immediately increasing reservations to the best possible price and increasing your revenue at the same time.

In addition to our consulting services, the Revenue Team offers solutions such as training courses and operational support. 

Discover our other services.

Our Revenue Management Consultancy

Choose to be chosen. We specialise in finding the best rates: our services have helped to increase growth at more than 2,500 accommodation facilities in Italy and around the world.

Our main job is providing operations consulting, where we apply the Revenue Management techniques developed by Franco Grasso.

Professional Forecast Managers work seven days a week and use Revolution Plus, the best Revenue Management software available on the market today, to find the best prices for your rooms every day.

We operate in Italy and abroad: see the map of all the properties we are currently working with.

The different stages of a Revenue Team consultation

For more information about the different stages of our consulting service, read on or get in touch to speak directly with a Forecast Manager from the Revenue Team.

Development of the Operating Manual
Setup of strategic tools
Application of new rates and daily optimisation

STAGE 1: Development of the Operating Manual + -

In this initial phase, it is vital to explore and understand the specific features and limits of the accommodation facility in order to develop the Operating Manual, which will outline all the actions needed to improve sales and visibility.

The Operating Manual is a technical manual that provides a detailed overview of:

  • number and type of rooms
  • cancellation policies
  • extra-charges and add-ons
  • technical and operational attributes
  • sales rates

On the basis of this analysis, we develop a sales optimisation plan for the client, which applies our Revenue Management techniques. The plan is shared with the client and updated by their personal Forecast Manager who is in direct contact with the property seven days a week.

STAGE 2: Setup of strategic tools + -

Working from the strategic plan developed, we implement the changes proposed in the Operating Manual, which may involve(on a case by case basis):

  • PMS
  • channel manager
  • booking engine or sales portal

We also connect our proprietary data analysis software Revolution Plus to collect and compare data so that our Forecast Manager can check the custom rate on a daily basis (multiple times a day if necessary) and propose changes to ensure that the price for each day is as efficient as possible.

STAGE 3: Application of new rates and daily optimisation + -

Once the technical connectivity is complete, the final stage involves publishing the new Starting Rates across all sales channels. From then on, the new policy is underway.

Thanks to Revolution Plus software, your Forecast Manager is updated on all bookings made at the property each day and can quickly optimise sales rates and availability across multiple sales channels.

Revolution Plus acts as the interface between us and your property and all information is available to the client too.

We analyse your property and the context.
We develop an Operating Manual that outlines all the changes to be implemented.
We connect our Revolution Plus software to monitor past data and provide an overview of future performance.
We publish the Custom Starting Rate across all sales channels.

What does investing in a consultation involve?

There are no hidden payments or software purchases required to work with the Revenue Team.

Signing up for our consulting services requires two transparent payments that will be written off by the results achieved:

a one-off payment to start the process
a monthly payment calculated on the number of rooms and the percentage of incremental turnover compared to the same month of the previous or best historical year.

Think you need to improve performance during low season?

We think you need to improve during high season!

Experience has taught us that many managers believe they are failing during low season. Yet the truth is that high season is the real opportunity to drive performance and earn a much higher net gain than expected with the same number of occupied rooms.

The Forecast Manager works all year round, regardless of whether the property opens seasonally or annually as it is essential to act as early as possible to make the most of the potential for visibility and sales: advance sales are a fundamental aspect for us.

Would you like to see a tourism drive in your area? Our consulting services can be applied to the entire territory: discover the TRUs – Territorial Revenue Units, the easiest way to see growth at your property and the surrounding area.

Your consultation timetable

The time needed to get the service up and running depends on the type of accommodation facility and the changes required. Usually no longer than two weeks!

More time may be required if the property management system or portals need to be involved but our aim is always to get started as soon as possible.

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