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All the Revenue Management services offered by the Revenue Team to improve the performance of your property.

Services for accommodation facilities:

Services for other activities (beach resorts, sports centres, events organisation, etc.):

The market is constantly changing and it reacts in different ways at different times.

We offer daily strategic and operational support that will help get the new season off to an effective and organised start, with the aim of maximising turnover, online visibility and brand reputation”

Franco Grasso

In addition to the training and support services described here, discover our consulting services.

Revenue Together

For any business that needs support.

While you may not need a complete consulting package, we can support you in data analysis and suggest the best solutions to adopt in order to improve your financial performance: you will be in charge, with an experienced Forecast Manager on hand to support you.

Did you think there was no method to quickly increase your revenue without fixed costs or advertising investment? Think again. We invented one.

Revenue Together is an operational support scheme to help you immediately apply the best pricing strategies to your rooms.

The optimum sales strategy to implement
The logic behind variable rates
The right room types and starting rates in line with existing agreements

Revenue Together is the new operational support service which, step by step, will help you to quickly increase revenue, visibility and brand reputation at your property with no fixed costs or advertising investment.

    The different stages of Revenue Together:

    • Together we assess the current status of your business by analysing your price history, distribution across sales channels, rate plans, promotions, promotional photos and all the elements that make up your product.
    • We work with you to develop your rate, helping you to understand how to choose the right rate for your market.
    • We monitor prices together on a daily basis so that you can learn how to ensure the highest possible occupancy for your property, the best sales strategies, room types, starting rates in line with existing agreements, and the logic behind dynamic rates.

    Custom training

    Make sure your colleagues know what they are doing

    Custom training is possible.


    One of our experienced Forecast Managers will come to your property to train you and your colleagues with a course tailored to your business.

    The training course will involve the necessary theory as well as an important practical section that will tackle real-life situations. We will propose solutions and listen to your perspectives in order to find the best methods for optimising distribution and sales in general.

    The easiest way to gain the skills needed to assess future strategic decisions!

    Revenue Academy

    For practical group training

    Our Academy has a very practical approach and is only taught by teachers who have all trained on the Revenue Team by Franco Grasso and have day-to-day experience in applying Revenue Management.

    Since starting in 2015, we have gained valuable experience in training and the best methods for explaining the concepts behind our approach to Revenue Management.

    We know the main obstacles that arise when trying to overhaul sales and we work everyday to find the solutions that will overcome them.

    The Revenue Academy programme is designed to give clear insight into how to deal with individual situations by providing real solutions for different accommodation types (city, sea, mountain and countryside locations, both large and small).

    The courses are held both online and in person, making it easy to find the time to attend: to date, more than 1,000 students have trained with us and found their way in Revenue Management.

    Hospitality Staging

    Show your space at its best

    Hospitality staging refers to the interior design of any space in the hospitality industry.

    We know that first impressions count in the hospitality industry: brand reputation and comments are fundamental to the success of a business.

    That’s why we started a new service to support hoteliers in their interior design choices, offering practical advice on how to improve the appearance of the property.

    Colours, materials and style that tie into an overall scheme: we’re not talking about lengthy and expensive structural changes but quick and easy solutions that will result in a fresh and coherent style.

    There are countless reasons for neglecting a property, even only slightly. In fact, it is more common than you think because when you inhabit a space on a daily basis, you no longer look at it objectively and it is never easy to find the time for planned and repeatedly postponed renovations.

    We will assist you throughout the entire process, from deciding on the overall scheme and choosing materials to implementing the finishing touches.

    We have modular solutions that range from creating the initial design to the final installation. Every quotation is individual as it depends on the accommodation facility, the type of work needed and the available budget.

    Revolution Plus

    Improve your rates alone

    Revolution Plus is a data collection system that uses the Revenue Management techniques developed by Franco Grasso to collect the data and information needed to choose the best rates.

    Revolution Plus is the Revenue Management software that our Forecast Managers use for our consulting services:

    It helps to focus attention on the data that can really help define the correct sales rate.
    It interfaces with all the primary property management systems (PMS) to receive daily booking updates.
    It interfaces with many Channel Managers to speed up updating of prices and availability.

    Of the vast quantity of data collected by the various property management systems, it is important to understand which information is relevant for optimising sales: using specific software allows you to save time, which can be dedicated to analysing performance at your property and increasing the chances of selling a room at the best possible rate.

    Open Revenue

    Our pricing techniques applied to non-hospitality businesses

    Revenue Management can be applied to many non-hospitality businesses.

    While your business may not have rooms for sale, it may share the same operating logic:

    high fixed costs
    low variable costs
    predictable demand
    limited quantity and, most importantly, a product that cannot be stored

    “Revenue Management is quite simply the application of universal financial laws”

    from La Revenue Economy (The Revenue Economy) by Franco Grasso, Hoepli, 2020

    This applies to all kinds of transport, concerts and shows, museums, theme parks, beaches, ski resorts, marinas, motorways, car parks, restaurants and any rental or service business.

    Our experience in these other fields is in its infancy but we have already successfully tested our methods on activities such as beach clubs and recreational pools.

    We believe that the fields of application are countless, which is why we refer to an Open Revenue or Revenue Economy, because applying it to multiple sectors would optimise use of all services both in terms of filling units and profits while equally satisfying consumers.

    Does your business meet this criteria? Why not book a free consultation to see if we can apply our pricing model to your sector.

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